W1362 - Avenir Used Workstations

These Steelcase Avenir used workstations measure 6' x 6' and are 53" tall.  Each workstation consists of:  (1) 72" x 48" x 24" corner worksurface, (1) 24" x 24" wing worksurface, (1) F/F pedestal, (1) B/B/F pedestal, (1) 36" open shelf.  The cubicles are powered down the spline.  The pedestals are painted Steelcase 4781, juniper mica.  The panel, trim, bins and shelves are painted Steelcase 47969, silver pine.  The panel fabric is Steelcase E401, Cordial Sagebrush.  Lastly, the laminate is Steelcase 2839, driftwood pattern.

Quantity Available:74



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