W1387 - Steelcase Avenir Office Cubicles

These Steelcase Avenir cubicles measure 6' x 6' and are 65" along the spline winging down to 53" along the aisle.  They are powered down the spline with 5 wire new style power.  Each workstation consists of (1) 3' corner worksurface, (2) 36" wing worksurfaces, (1) B/B/F pedestal, (1) F/F pedestal, and (1) 1/2 height shelf.  Please note that the full height shelf shown in the photo is not available.  These cubicles are to be refurbised in Guilford Interface FR 701 2100-394 Opal.  The Laminate is Steelcase 2734, Sky.  Lastly, the paint and panel trim is Steelcase 4600, Dawn.  If you are interested in different panel fabric please contact us directly as we have several selections available at different price points.

Quantity Available:183



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