W1388 - Steelcase Avenir Workstations

These Steelcase Avenir cubicles measure 6' x 6' and are 53" tall.  They are powered down the spline with 5 wire new style power.  Each workstation consists of (1) 3' corner worksurface, (2) 24"x36" wing worksurfaces, (1) B/B/F pedestal, (1) F/F pedestal, and (2) 36" 1/2 height shelf.  These cubicles are to be refurbished in the fabric from Guilford Interface FR 701 2100-394 Opal.  The Laminate is Steelcase 2734, Sky.  Lastly, the paint and panel trim is Steelcase 4600, Dawn.  If you are interested in a different fabric we have several options available at different price points.

Quantity Available:60



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