W1591 - Haworth Compose Used Cubicles

These Haworth Compose Workstations were orginally purchases in 2007 and the product is in very good condition.  Each workstation measures 8' x 8' and the panels are 58" tall.  The fabric on this product is Landscape (C2-AJ), the paint is metallic champagne (TR-MC), and the laminate is platinum (H-3P).  The cubicles are powered down the main spline.  Each workstation includes (1) 24" x 96" main surface, (1) 24" x 48 x 30" wing worksurface, (1) 24" x 72" wing worksurface, (1)  36" two drawer lateral file and (1) 15 1/2" storage tower.

 NOTE: only (16) 30" two drawer laterals are available

Quantity Available:8




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