W160 - 400 Steelcase 9000 Cubicles

These cubicles are available for viewing in our Holyoke warehouse.  Viewing in both locations is by appointment so please call for details 1 (800) 817-1187.  The panel fabric is customers own material, it is a checkered fabric with blue, cream, and burgundy tones.  The panel trim, cantilevers, and end panel supports are 4700, Steelcase warm white.  The worksurfaces are 2759, Steelcase warm white.  The pedestals are dark navy blue.  They are non-powered cubes; however,  power can be purchased separately if needed.  Each station is 5 1/2' x 6' and 42" high consisting of:

(1) 25"x42"x25" Modular Corner Worksurface

(1) 25"x28 7/8" Conventional Locking Worksurface

(1) 25"x21 1/3" Conventional Locking Worksurface

(2) 25" End Panel Supports (1 left, 1 right)

(2) 25" Modular Cantilevers

(1) Articulating Keyboard

*There are aprox. 200 pedestals (100 bbf and 100 ff) left in this inventory.

Quantity Available:400



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