W1814 - Steelcase Answers Used Cubicles

These Steelcase Answers used cubicles measure 6' x 6' and are 65" tall winging down to 54".  They are powered with 2+2 power.  These cubes have metal tiles around the bottom and each workstation has a glass tile on the aisle.  The laminate is Steelcase finish code 2759, warm white.  The paint is Steelcase finish code 4788, gold dust mica.  The accents are polished chrome.  The fabric is a light beige.  Each workstations consists of:

  • 48" x 72" x 24" extended corner worksurface
  • 24" x 24" wing worksurface
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • F/F pedestal
  • (2) overhead storage bins with task lighting 

This product must be sold in 1 pod of 8 and a pod of 4. If sold in rows or singles, price will be increased accordingly  and lead time will be longer

Quantity Available:12



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