W2315 - Steelcase Used Cubicles

These Steelcase Avenir workstations are a versatile inventory.  We currently have (400) of the typical station which measures 8' x 7', and (125)  6 1/2' x 8' cubicles.  The panels are 65" tall with 5 wire power down the main spline.  The cubicles have low profile top caps with waterfall handles.  Each workstation comes with (1) 30" two drawer lateral file  and (2) 48" non-locking binder bin.  The fabric is Firenze Reverse F002 Staghorn.  The trim, storage, and laminate is Grey Value #1.  (2) two drawer laterals are shown but only (1) comes with the workstation.

Tasklights can be purchased for an additional charge.

Quantity Available:200




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