W2355 - Knoll Workstations

These Knoll workstations measure 8' x 6', the panels are 65" tall along the spline and wing down to 42" along the aisle.  Each cube contains:  (1) 36" x 24" corner worksurface, (1) 24" x 36" worksurface  (1) 24" x 60" worksurface, (1) B/B/F pedestal, (1) F/F pedestal,(1) 72" overhead with tasklight and (1) 24" overhead .  The panel fabric along the spline is all white, the wing panel fabric is white on one side brown on the other side.  The laminate is off white, and the bins are light grey while the pedestals are a darker tone of grey.

Quantity Available:26



Knoll Workstations

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