W2823 - Steelcase Used Cubicles

These Steelcase workstations have 9000 Enhanced panels that measure 65" tall along the spline and wing down.  The entire cube measures 75"x 75"with conventional components.  Each cube consists of (1) 30" x 45" true corner, (2) 30" x 30" modular wing surfaces, (1) B/B/F pedestal, (1) F/F pedestal, (1) 30" overhead bin, and (1) 45" overhead bin.  Please note that there some 53" tall panels available if you were interested in a step down option.  The fabric on these workstations is Steelcase finish code Z007, Mordezza Charcoal.  The paint is Steelcase finish code 4606, Mist.  The laminate is Steelcase 2824, Smoke Speckle.  These workstations are powered with P3, 5 wire power.

Quantity Available:9


Style:9000 Enhanced


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