W3063 - Knoll Workstations

These Knoll workstations measure 6' x 8 1/2', the panels are 56" tall.  The panels on the cubicles are from the Morrison line and the surfaces and pedestals are Knoll Reff.  These workstations are powered down the main spline and could be customized to make 6' x 6' cubes as well.  The paint is light metallic grey, the laminate is light grey and the fabric is W808-4 Litchfield, Ice.  These stations are powered with MR3 4 circuit power.  Each workstations consists of:

  • 30" x 42" corner  worksurface
  • 30" x 30" wing worksurface
  • 30" x 60" wing worksurface
  • 30" B/B/F locking pedestal
  • 30" F/F non-locking pedestal
  • 60" 1/2 height shelf

Quantity Available:28




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