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C2846 — Steelcase Drive Chairs

These Steelcase Drive chairs are model #4611410. The frame is Steelcase finish code 6205, Black.  The fabric is Steelcase 5A27, Link Black.  These chairs have pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair
Material: Fabric
Color: Grey
Quantity Available: 31

W3883A — Steelcase Workstations

These Steelcase 9000 enhanced cubicles measure 70" x 90", the panels are 65" tall and powered down the spline with 8 wire, 4 circuit.  Each station consists of:

  • 25" x 45" x 70" extended corner
  • 25" x 45 wing worksurface
  • (2) 24"  F/F pedestals
  • 24" B/B/F pedestal
  • (2) 45" binder bin

The paint is Steelcase finish code 4779, Mushroom Mica.  The laminate is Steelcase finish code 2722, Cream.  Lastly, the fabric is Steelcase G003, Faon Fresco.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Series: 9000 Enhanced
Size: Other
Quantity Available: 30

Trading Desks
Additional photos available

td3745 — Used Trading Desks

These Traders desks measure 5' x 31", they include a worksurface and pedestal for storage.  Please note that we have two diffent handle styles available on the pedestals.  We also have matching end of run storage cabinets that can be included with your purchase.  We currently have (3) black cabinets and (2) wood cabinets.  These desks were originally configured in (2) pods of 6, (1) pod of 4, and (1) pod of 14.

Quantity Available: 30

Additional photos available

D3415 — Knoll Reff Desk Sets

These Knoll Reff desk sets have a birdseye maple finish and are comprised of:

  • 36" x 60" elliptical table
  • 96" x 30" back unit with a B/B/F pedestal and a B/F pedestal
  • 96" open hutch (84" tall)
  • 32"w x 24"d  storage closet (84" tall)

Manufacturer: Knoll
Type: T-Shape
Material: Wood
Finish: Maple
Quantity Available: 30

Vecta Task Chairs

C2668 — Vecta Task Chairs

These Vecta chairs are burgundy leather with a black frame. 

Manufacturer: Vecta
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Material: Leather
Color: Burgundy
Quantity Available: 30

Additional photos available

td3482 — Trader's Desks

These trader's have a worksurface that measures 60" x 32" with a 2" trough, "olive" green slat wall and a black wooden pedestal.

Manufacturer: Woodtronics
Quantity Available: 29

C3009 — Steelcase Ally Stack Chairs

These Steelcase Ally stack chairs are model number 463482.  The Steelcase finish code for the fabric is B409, Hampstead Cornflower.  The frame is Steelcase finish 6296, Sterling.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Stack Chair
Model: Ally
Material: Fabric
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 29

Additional photos available

C2884 — Kimball Side Chairs

These Kimball triumph side chairs have a mahogany wood frame and patterned fabric.

Manufacturer: Kimball
Type: Side Chair
Model: Triumph
Material: Fabric
Color: Patterned
Quantity Available: 27

Knoll Benching Stations
Additional photos available

td2816 — Knoll Benching Stations

These Knoll benching stations measure 5' x 28 1/2".  Each office includes a mobile B/F pedestal for storage.  The laminate on the product is white and the screens are a patterned tan fabric.  There are (5) end  pod screens available and (4) end of run screens available due to the original configuration of the stations and the use of walls rather than screens to end runs.  The last photograph illustrates this situation.  The original configurations were (1) Pod of 12, (1) Pod of 10 and (1) Run of 5.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Quantity Available: 27



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