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W3304 — Herman Miller AO2 Workstations

These Herman Miller AO2 cubicles measure 7' x 6' and the panels are 48" tall.  Each workstation includes:

  • 24" x 48" corner worksurface
  • 24" x 24" wing worksurface
  • 36" x 24" wing worksurface
  • 20" B/F pedestal

The cubicles are powered on the spline and can only be sold in pods.  The fabric on the panels is Guilford of Maine Streetwise News Stand, the paint is medium tone, and the laminate is a grey/brown tone.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Series: AO2
Size: 7x6
Quantity Available: 15

C2966 — Keilhauer Tom Chairs

These Keilhauer Tom chairs have a grey frame and grey leather seat.  They have fixed loop arms and pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Keilhauer
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Tom
Material: Leather
Color: Grey
Quantity Available: 15

Table Desks
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T2924 — Laminate Tables

These tables have a grey laminate top that measures 59" x 29 1/2".  They have metal post legs with a brushed finish. 

Type: Other
Shape: Rectangle
Size: 4-6 ft
Material: Laminate
Finish: Grey
Quantity Available: 15

Fire King Files

F3972A — 4 Drawer Fire Files

These Fireking four drawer fire files are painted Grey.  These files measure 44 1/2" wide.

Manufacturer: Fire King
Type: Fire File
Drawer Count: 4 Drawer
Color: Grey
Quantity Available: 14

Knoll Workstations

W3867 — Knoll Cubicles

These Knoll cubicles have Reff panels with Autostrata components, the workstation measures 6' x 9'.  The panels are 65" tall along the spline winging down to 49".  The panels are powered on the spline.  Each workstation is comprised of:

  • 24" x 78" worksurface
  • 30" x 72" worksurface
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • 36" calibre two drawer lateral file
  • (2) 36" overhead storage bins

These cubicles were originally configured in pod of 6 and a pod of 8.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Series: Reff and Autostrata
Size: Other
Quantity Available: 14

Steelcase Files

F3814 — Steelcase Two Drawer Files

These Steelcase two drawer lateral files measure 30" wide.  The paint is Steelcase finish code 4762, Cream.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: 2 Drawer
Width: 30"
Color: Tan
Quantity Available: 14

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C3801C — Knoll Round Bar Brunos

These Knoll Bruno round bar side chairs have a tan leather seat and back with a chrome frame.

Manufacturer: Knoll
Type: Side Chair
Model: Bruno
Material: Leather
Color: Tan
Quantity Available: 14

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C3707 — Steelcase Rapport Chairs

This Steelcase Rapport chairs is black fabric, the model number is #460331U. These chairs are fully loaded with pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable arms, and sliding seat pan.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Rapport
Material: Fabric
Color: Black
Quantity Available: 14

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C3705 — Vecta Leather Chairs

These Vecta Wilkhahn leather chairs are black with a high-back making them a great choice for an executive conference room.  They have fixed arms and pneumatic height adjustment.

Manufacturer: Vecta
Type: Conference Chair
Model: Wilkhahn
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Quantity Available: 14



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