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C3389 — Herman Miller Ambi Chairs

There Herman Miller Ambi chairs have a burgundy fabric, finish code 9210 Claret.  The frame is Black Umber.  Features include pneumatic height adjustment and seat tilt.  Please note the chairs have fixed arms.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Type: Desk Chair / Conference Chair
Model: Ambi
Material: Fabric
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 46

Humanscale Chairs
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C3827 — Leather Humanscale Chairs

These Humanscale Freedom chairs are in great condition with a black frame and grey leather seat.  Features include sliding seat pan, pneumatic height adjustment, adjustable arms, and a tilt/lock.

Manufacturer: Humanscale
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Freedom
Material: Leather
Color: Grey
Quantity Available: 45

Herman Mill Ethospace
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W3763 — Herman Miller Used Cubes

These Herman Miller Ethospace cubes measure 6' x 6', the panels are 54" tall.  The cubicles are powered with 8 wire beltline power.  Each workstation consists of:

  • 24" x 36" corner worksurface
  • (2) 24" x 36" wing worksurfaces
  • B/B/F mobile pedestal
  • F/F mobile pedestal

The cubes were originally configured in (9) pods of eight.  Please note that these cubicles are configured in bullpens and must remain in this paired layout.  The pedestals are painted innertone light and the tops caps and finished ends are painted medium tone.  The laminate is innertone light as well.  The fabric is 4X04, Tressel Froth.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Series: Ethospace
Size: 6x6
Quantity Available: 43

Steelcase Workstations
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W3741A — Steelcase Montage Workstations

These Steelcase Montage cubicles measure 7' x 5' with power down the spline and first panel.  The height of the panels as shown are 75" on the spline and first panel, then winging down.  Please note that these panels are comprised of both 10" and 20" stackers so the height could be adjusted to  45" tall.  Each station consists of: MUST BE SOLD IN PODS.

  • 48" x 60" extended corner
  • (1) 24" x 36" wing worksurfaces
  • 48" overhead bin
  • 36" overhead bin
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • F/F pedestal

The worksurfaces included with these workstations are Elective Elements worksurfaces.  The laminate is Steelcase 2850, Vanadium Fiber.  The paint is Steelcase 4788, Gold Dust.  Lastly, the fabric is Steelcase G001, Fresco Sandrift.



Manufacturer: Steelcase
Series: Montage
Size: Other
Quantity Available: 43

Herman Miller Chairs

C3819C — Herman Miller Wood Side Chairs

These Herman Miller barrel back side chairs have a light cherry frame and purple fabric seat.

Manufacturer: Herman Miller
Type: Side Chair
Material: Fabric
Color: Other
Quantity Available: 41

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C2927 — Steelcase Turnstone Seating

These Steelcase Turnstone chairs have blue fabric with a black frame.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Desk Chair
Model: Turnstone
Material: Fabric
Color: Blue
Quantity Available: 40

Novalink Trading Desks
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td2472 — Novalink Trading Desks

These Novalink trading desks measure 30" x 72", the trough is 5".  The end panels are black and measure 34".  Each desk includes a monitor arm.

Manufacturer: Novalink
Quantity Available: 40

Steelcase files

F3979 — Steelcase 5 Drawer Files with Overfiles

These Steelcase 5 drawer lateral files measure 36" and have overfiles.  They are painted Steelcase finish code 4790, Sodium.

Manufacturer: Steelcase
Type: Lateral
Drawer Count: File With Overfile
Width: 36"
Color: White
Quantity Available: 39

Additional photos available

W3903 — Haworth Premise Cubicles

These Haworth Premise workstations measure 6' x 6', the panels are 48" tall and powered along the spline.  Each workstation consists of:

  • (2) 36" x 24" worksurface
  • 36" x 36' corner worksurface
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • F/F pedestal

Please note that (10) of these workstations have one wing with panels measuring 38" tall as they were orginally configured along a window bank.

Manufacturer: Haworth
Series: Premise
Size: 6x6
Quantity Available: 39



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