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A Celebration of Remanufacturing Day!

It's Reman Day!


Global Reman Day, sponsored by the Remanufacturing Industries Council™, is a day celebrating the process of remanufacturing annually, which involves restoring used or worn-out products to like-new condition. Hundreds of remanufacturers around the world celebrate Reman Day by hosting events dedicated to raising awareness about remanufacturing and its benefits to the environment and economy.  

While there are no universally recognized colors specifically associated with Remanufacturers Day, we can consider colors that reflect the concepts and principles of remanufacturing:

  • Green: Green is often associated with sustainability and environmental consciousness, which are core principles of remanufacturing. It symbolizes renewal, growth, and eco-friendliness, highlighting the importance of reducing waste and conserving resources through remanufacturing processes.
  • Blue: Blue represents trust, reliability, and quality, characteristics that are essential in remanufacturing. It conveys a sense of professionalism and integrity in restoring products to meet or exceed their original specifications.
  • Silver: Silver is associated with innovation and modernization, reflecting the advanced technologies and techniques used in remanufacturing processes. It symbolizes efficiency, precision, and the transformation of old into new.
  • White: White signifies cleanliness, purity, and freshness, which are important aspects of remanufacturing to ensure that products are restored to a pristine condition. It represents the commitment to quality and attention to detail in the remanufacturing industry.
  • Gold: Gold symbolizes excellence, achievement, and value, reflecting the high standards and expertise of remanufacturers in delivering top-quality refurbished products. It highlights the economic and environmental benefits of remanufacturing in creating value from existing resources.

While these colors are not universally recognized symbols of Remanufacturers Day, they embody the principles and values associated with remanufacturing and can be used to represent the occasion in promotional materials, awareness campaigns, and events within the remanufacturing community.

A perfect office color pallet to celebrate remanufacturing!                            A celebration of Remanufacturing Day!

This year we celebrate our talented employees who complete the remanufacturing process at Conklin by restoring used furntiture, saving those pieces from adding up in our landfills.  The end result is a recycled piece that is better than new.  Conklin has been leading the way in creating sustainable office furniture with style.


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