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Herman Miller Poster Fit & Ergonomic Solutions

Best Ergonomic Options

Maybe you have read the recent article about the Aeron chair published by the Wall Street Journal, where our Principal, Tyler Arnold was quoted. Our pre-owned Aerons, by Herman Miller is a great ergonomic option for any home office and a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing brand new. 

These Herman Miller Aeron chairs have graphite mesh and frame.  They are two function size B Aerons with the added posture fit solution.  The options are pneumatic height adjustment and tilt/lock.  The posture fit solution was made to  increase the ergonomics of a chair that already ranks extremely high.  This design, which supports the sacral-pelvic part of the body reduces fatigue and increases endurance by improving the natural spinal curvatures and muscle balance whether in an upright or reclined position.

Another budget friendly, ergonomic option is the Vito, by Gateway Office.

The Vito task chair offers a modern design with adjustable and ergonomic features, making it a perfect addition to any office.  

We've illustrated how to adjust your work set up to fit YOU:

1. Use Our adjustable Monitor Arms position monitor at eye level or slightly below.

2. The Vito chair offers a headrest which promotes good posture and keeps the upper back straight allowing the shoulders to relax.

3. The Vito chair has a 4 position adjustable height back to provide lumbar support to you specific body height.

4. The Vito Chair has “active Lumbar” that provides responsive support even during movement or repositioning.

5. The Vito chair has an adjustable seat pan that allows for positioning of the hips as far back as possible.

6. The Vito chair offers a 5-way adjustable arm to position the armrest at the optimal position for your comfort.

7. Lower legs positioned at a 90° to 110° angle. The Vito chair has an adjustable seat for optimal height. 

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