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Suite 3 Redesign with Dave Delvecchio

The impetus behind our move was because we had outgrown our old space. And actually, in fact, we were spread between both buildings. We had the whole first floor of the first building and half of the space on the first floor of the building next door. In a New England campus environment, was nice when the weather was nice but was brutal in the winter time. And we needed to get everyone under the same roof.

We have been passively looking for new space for about 2 or 3 years. Here at Mill 180, we were able to find a spot that’s 5,400 Sq. Ft. in a perfect rectangle that we were able to carve out based upon our needs. Part of the goal was to carve out a space that allowed for a collaborative work environment. And including building a space where we wanted nontraditional panel systems. I wanted something that was going to allow for greater collaboration.

After visiting Conklin’s Showroom and seeing the Stretch systems, it looked like it would be a perfect fit. I met with Jim MacDonald and gave him the floor plans for the new space. He was able to look at the existing Steelcase panel systems that we had in our old location and retrofit those to match our new color scheme. In addition to providing a new Stretch system that was installed and designed in such a way so that they’re using the same color palette so it looked cohesive when they were installed in the new space.

Jim was phonenomial to work with. He’s a professional who has been doing this for 37 years. But what impressed me the most was his ability to analysis the existing equipment we had and find the most cost effective way to effectively recondition it and continue to be useful in a new environment. That included coordinating reconditioned existing inventory in stock that was the same make and model of the equipment that we had. Also he coordinated the move of our existing panel systems from our old offices to the new space, installed the new reconditioned  panels so that it matched our color scheme, while taking our old system back to the warehouse to replenish their stock in parallel with installing our new Stretch panel systems. And, it was done in a day and a half! We were able to successfully move our office, during a work week, without disrupting our service delivery to our clients!

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