Conklin Christmas Spectacular

On Saturday December 10th Conklin Office Furniture organized its first family holiday party.  With about 50 employees from "all walks of life" a few elves at Conklin organized a gathering catered toward the children.  

There was a clown named Peppermint Patty who entertained with magic, balloon caricatures, and her own version of "Here Comes Santa Claus" on the eukalali.  There was a craft center where the children could make several different ornaments, decorate oranges with cloves, and assist in decorating a tree for our used office furniture showroom in Massachusetts.  

At about 2:45 pm Santa Claus made a special guest appearance.  Each child was given an opportunity to visit with Santa and discuss their Christmas list for the upcoming season.  Santa then presented them with an age appropriate gift and a book.

To round out the party, tasty cookies and munchkins were shared by all as they reflected on the party and the fun that was had.  Conklin, a company that usually specializes in the sale of used office furniture in Massachusetts, New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, and throughout New England showed its appreciation for it's hardworking employees by hosting it's first successful family Christmas spectacular. 

On December twenty-third we will also hold our annual Christmas luncheon for all the employees before everyone heads home to share the holiday season with their families.

At Conklin Office Furniture, our commitment to delivering quality used office furniture from New York City across New England requires all our time.  During the holidays, it is nice take time to reflect on employee and company wide accomplishments that have occured throughout the year.  This allows us to "wrap up" the year on a favorable note and send employees home for the Christmas break with positive feel realizing that at Conklin we depend on them to continue achieving our goal of providing quality contract used office furniture at huge savings!


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