Conklin Office Furniture Celebrates Earth Day

Conklin Office Furniture is preparing for an earth day celebration that will be one to remember.  After recently relocating it's main headquarters from Springfield, MA to Holyoke MA, the Conklin employees will take the day to clean up the grounds of the new office.  Trees are being purchased from local nurseries, picinic tables have been delivered, and the employees will work together to clean the area wearing their newly purchased Conklin earth day shirts.

Conklin believes' that all people are responsible for their actions and the effects those actions play on the environment. Our motto "what goes around comes around" was chosen to illustrate our commitment to the environment.  What better way is there to live out our motto than to offer our customers remanufactured office furniture and used office furniture, which is the ultimate form of recycling. This year we are taking our commitment a step further with our earth day celebration.  

Beginning at 11:30 the Conklin management is serving it's 50 employees a well deserved lunch before taking a break from normal daily tasks to work together to improve the environment around the Conklin office and warehouse.  Window boxes have been purchased and will be added around the building planted with colorful spring pansies.  Four new picinic tables have been delivered so that our employees can enjoy break time and lunches out in the sunshine.  We will be weeding and planting new trees around the tables to make the area more welcoming.  Trash will be collected and parts of the outside of the building painted as we continue to restore one of the oldest mills along the Holyoke canal system; originally built in the 1800's by the American Thread Company.

All Conklin Office Furniture employees have been grouped into small teams, each will be assigned a task to complete by the end of the day.  By working together to clean the grounds, Conklin hopes to instill in it's employees a respect for the area.  Rosemary Arnold, co-owner of Conklin Office Furniture and one of the event organizers, believes that when you involve people in the cleaning of the grounds they will begin to realize that the area belongs to them; and they must work daily to keep it cleaned up.  She hopes that this will begin to reduce the amount of trash that is deposited on the grounds.


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