Wood Refinishing

Conklin Office Furniture has been in the used and pre-owned office furniture business for 33 years and have been refinishing wood to improve the quality of desks, tables, and chairs we sell ever since we began our journey into office furniture refurbishing. Our in-house craftsmen posses the skill, patience, and experienced eye for detail that's needed when you try to revitalize a faded or damaged piece of office furniture into "like new" condition.

Our wood refinishing department completes a wide range of work on our products before they are shipped to our customers. From basic touch-up table legs, chair arms, or the wood trim of used cubicles, to complete stripping and refinishing of conference room furniture, executive chairs or similar pieces. They work on private office furniture, conference tables, bookcases, and wood framed seating, as well as any unique wood office furniture that Conklin acquires.

Whether you are purchasing all new office or business furniture, planning your office interior design, or just trying to match existing woodwork, Conklin can make worn, dinged-up old wooden desks, chairs, and tables look showroom-new once again. If you have any questions about office furniture restoration using our wood refinishing services please give one of our wood refinish renewal experts a call at 1 (800) 817-1187 for further information.