Conklin Executive Summary

Executive Summary


Conklin Office Services, Inc., (“Conklin” or the “Company”) is a privately-owned corporation engaged in the manufacture, assembly, and refurbishing of new and recycled office furniture. We have been servicing corporate facility managers, designers, and purchasing agents since 1981. At Conklin, we cut time and cost but never quality to provide our clients with premium remanufactured office furniture.  We are a Massachusetts based corporation, with our headquarters at 56 Canal Street, Holyoke, Massachusetts and more than 250,000 square feet of factory space in Holyoke and Springfield, Massachusetts.  We service our clients through our showrooms in Holyoke, 230 5th Avenue, Suite 400, New York, NY 10001 and at The Presidential Center at 101 Route 130, South Adams Building, in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.

Conklin is one of the nation’s pioneers in office furniture recycling and refurbishing. Over 60 years ago, we started off as an office supply company, and since 1981 we have focused solely on providing business and industry with premium recycled office furniture. Conklin maintains a large inventory of contract lines, ready to install, in our warehouses in Holyoke and Springfield Massachusetts. We offer our customers the complete package assisting with planning and design, remanufacturing the office furniture, and finally installing the product in their offices.

At Conklin, we believe that refurbished office furniture is a great choice for businesses and for the environment. We supply contract-quality used office furniture that looks, performs, and lasts just like new, but costs far less. Our customers can expect to save up to 90 percent off the list price when they purchase our premium refurbished contract lines. We have everything a client needs to furnish his or her business — panel systems, cubicles, filing cabinets, office chairs, desk sets, conference furniture, reception furniture and more.

Our client list is as long as it is diverse. Conklin works with major corporations and institutions, as well as smaller firms in all sectors including: financial services, manufacturing, communications, pharmaceuticals, design, education, law, accounting, insurance and medical facilities.

"What Goes Around Comes Around" is Conklin’s motto. We believe that everyone is responsible for the environment; further more, facility managers and designers have a unique opportunity to urge their firms to be socially responsible through the use of recycled office furniture. We have chosen to use environmentally friendly fabrics and paints in our refurbishing processes. Our customers are given the chance to conserve natural resources, minimize waste, and maximize their dollar value.

In addition to supplying recycled and refurbished office furniture to clients across the United States, Conklin also pays the highest prices on the purchase of surplus or trade-in office furniture. 

Conklin has been profitable from the inception and over the years our revenues have grown steadily to more than $7.5 million in 2005. The Company currently employs 55 on a full-time basis and contributes to the local economies through various ancillary services including trucking and temporary employment.


Conklin buys new, knock-down furniture (parts) from markets abroad and acquires used (as-is) furniture and office products from major corporations that are relocating or downsizing. We assemble knock-down furniture into complete systems (desks, chairs, credenzas, etc.), and refurbish, repair or retrofit used office furniture to a like-new condition in our factories.

We carefully inspect all of products we purchase, looking for cuts, damage, scratches, breaks and other forms of damage. We replace damaged parts including tabletop surfaces, panels, engravings, fabric, and covers and restore each piece to a like-new condition before making it available for resale.


The products we offer result from a growing demand, by corporations as well as individuals, for quality-engineered and recycled office furniture. The products and services we sell include manufacturers such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, as well as many others.

Office furniture—executive office suites, wood and metal desks, seating, both reconditioned and reupholstered, reception area furniture , bookcases, misc. tables, filing systems, storage cabinets, conference tables, and modular office systems

Architectural and design services— As a benefit to our customers, Conklin Office Furniture, offers office furniture design and floor planning services.  Utilizing Autocad, our designers work with the client to create an office environment of the highest functionality and aesthetics.  If your goal is to create a workspace that is both comfortable for employees and a professional area to meet clients, our office furniture design team is just what you need.  We have professionals on staff to assist with any type of project from arranging your newly purchased office furniture to selecting paint and fabric for an office furniture refurbishing project.  Regardless of the scope of the project, our designers work closely with you to fully understand your needs and strive to meet them.

What to expect from Conklin Office Furniture Design--Your needs are our focus!  If you want to complete most of the interior design for the office yourself and just need someone to layout the plans we are happy to do that for you.  If you are someone that is extremely busy and need an office furniture design specialist to suggest the best plan for your space, we are happy to design your office interior.  Each client has different needs when it comes to the interior design of their office and at Conklin Office Furniture we work hard to cater to your specific requests.

We are able to work with space plans you provide or create new plans for you.  Whether you have a traditional office space or are looking for a more contemporary look we have the furniture in stock to match your office motif.  After measuring the space, we provide computer design recommendations that will illustrate how you can best utilize your office area.  We are able to provide custom pieces for hard-to-fit spaces, and assist you in selecting paint/laminate/wood colors and upholstery/panel fabrics. 

Office installation services—office furniture and modular office systems installation.

Furniture liquidation- Conklin purchases used office furniture that has served some of the top corporations and institutions in America.  After twenty-five years in the used office furniture business, Conklin has created a name for itself that clients can recognize.  We provide buyback solutions for companies throughout the United States with particular emphasis on the East coast.  We liquidate office furniture regularly from New York City, Philadelphia, and all throughout New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.  Conklin services firms that are moving, downsizing, restructuring, reconfiguring, and divesting. 

As a result of our past record, Conklin Office Furniture has become known as a trustworthy company that stands behind our word.  We work hard to create a buy back solution quickly and creatively so that the best outcome for all companies involved can be agreed upon.  For example, we removed 200,000 square feet of office furniture out of a NYC brokerage firm in three phases which we completed in one month.  More creative planning was needed when we removed thirty-two trailers of used cubicles, private offices, and conference furniture over eight days including Memorial Day weekend. As our reputation illustrates, Conklin is always willing to offer a buy back solution.  We purchase used office furniture in large lots.

Conklin Office Furniture Remanufacturing Services

Refurbished office furniture offers many of the benefits of new furniture at a significant discount. Your company is able to specify certain size and color needs as well as specific panel heights allowing Conklin to meet your exact requests. At Conklin's your investment is also protected, as additional product can be ordered in the future to match your original order. 

The refurbishing process is quite extensive. Every component is completely disassembled and repainted, new panel fabric is applied to all panels, and all work surfaces are refinished with new laminates of your choice. This process allows Conklin's to re-create furniture that fits your office needs. We also offer design assistance for color selections and space planning generating complete CAD drawings of your space.


At Conklin, our laminating department is able to upgrade the appearance of existing office furniture or build custom surfaces, whatever is necessary to produce a quality final product for installation. Many tops that come through our warehouse have the laminate and t-mold stripped and are recovered for a fresh, updated look. We have a number of companies that provide laminate options: Nevemar, Wilsonart, Pionite, and Formica. Clients are able to pick from an enormous library of samples to find a laminate that best matches their existing furniture or building parameters.

If the existing condition of the top is poor we are able to utilize our custom cutting equipment to create a completely new surface to match clients’ specifications. Our laminating department utilizes state of the art technology to produce a precisely cut work surface. Our CNC machine is run by a computer which eliminates human error when cutting any of our surfaces. This allows us to provide our customers with custom sized work surfaces and conference tables. Ultimately, Conklin is able to blend custom surfaces with other used office furniture to pass on huge savings off of new office furniture prices without compromising quality.

Powder Coating

Conklin has recently expanded it painting department to offer powder coating in addition to our spray-method. The spray method is still available and is a good option for furniture that needs a quick turn-around time. We use water-based environmentally friendly paints from Sherwin Williams during the spray process. If time allows, powder coating produces a very durable and professional finish.

The process utilizes a powder comprised of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which are sprayed onto the surface to be coated. The charged powder particles adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces while heated in a curing oven until hardened into a smooth coating.

Powder coating is the most environmentally sound method currently being used to paint office furniture. Liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

VOC's have been linked to ozone depletion and global warming concerns as well as polluting the air we breathe. Powder coating contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts of VOC's into the atmosphere. As a result, costly pollution control equipment is no longer necessary and Conklin's is able to pass that on to our customers in savings. In addition, most powder coating over spray that does not adhere to the furniture can be retrieved and reused, greatly decreasing waste commonly associated with liquid finishing processes.


Re-upholstery at Conklin’s means more than just replacing worn fabric.  Our re-upholstery departments are composed of professional craftsman who take the time to revitalize the entire appearance of the chair or panel system. We have two different re-upholstery departments:  Seating  and Panel Systems.

Seating-- As a customer, re-upholstery gives you the opportunity to pick new fabrics from Conklin’s extensive offerings or provide one of your own choosing.  Some of our chair fabric offerings include:  CF Stinson, Burch Fabrics, Absecon, and Douglas. During the re-upholstery process, many factors are analyzed to be sure that the chair meets Conklin’s high standards of quality.  Depending on the style of seating, the following areas may be inspected:  the frame, springs, padding, all pneumatic adjustments, and the casters.  Any chair with a wood frame can be sent to our wood-refinishing department for touch up or a complete finish change; chairs with plastic or metal frames can be refinished by our painting department.  The padding is replaced, and the new material is custom sewn to fit the chair.  Lastly we double check the chairs’ pneumatic functions and casters to be sure we are delivering a quality product.

By offering these services, Conklin’s allows their customers the ability to match their new purchase with existing furniture or building parameters.  Once the services are completed and quality control has inspected the piece, Conklin’s has produced a chair that looks and performs like new; however, offers substantial savings off of list pricing.

Panel Systems--Our second re-upholstery department is responsible for refurbishing panels.  We specialize in refurbished Steelcase, Herman Miller, and Knoll.   However, we are able to refurbish many other manufacturers as well. Throughout the re-upholstery process, trim is removed and repainted and the panels are stripped of old fabric and resurfaced.  At completion the entire appearance of the system has been updated with fabric and trim color of your choice.  Some of our current panel fabric providers include:  CF Stinson, Guilford of Maine, and Burch Fabrics.

In addition to selling recycled office furniture, Conklin also offers refinishing of product that their clients currently own. If you are looking to update an office, Conklin’s is able to pick up your existing chairs and panels and return them with a whole new look!  Our re-upholstery departments are located at 56 Canal Street in Holyoke, MA.  Please feel free to come in and check out our used office furniture refurbishing processes.

Wood Refinishing

Conklin Office Furniture has been in the used office furniture business for 25 years.  Our wood refinishing department completes a wide range of work from basic touch-up of wood pieces before they are shipped to our customers, to complete stripping and refinishing.  These processes work on private office furniture, conference tables, bookcases, and wood framed seating, as well as any unique wood office furniture that Conklin acquires.  We can also take your existing furniture and touch up the woodwork to refresh your current office furniture.

Our Guarantee

Conklin takes pride in the services we provide and the quality used office furniture we offer at great savings.  Once you have decided on an office design your Conklin sales representative will work closely with our in-house craftsmen and furniture refurbishing professionals to be sure we complete your job on time and that the product will exceed your expectations.   Upon completion, Conklin also offers delivery and installation of your used office furniture.  We don't stop working for you until you are fully satisfied with the product you have received.