Used Trading Desks

Conklin carries a great inventory of used trading desks where transactions for buying and selling securities occur. If you are looking to outfit an entire building or just start small we can design your space in an extremely cost effective way with traders desks and accessories to match!


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td2802 - Innovant Trading Desks

These Innovant traders desks include (1) 48" x 34"D worksurface with a mobile B/F pedestal and wire access panels on the surface.  The tops have  green laminate with black T-molding.  They are powered down the slot wall.  There are (8) double monitor arms and  (7) single monitor arms available.  The end panels shown in the photograph are not available.  New panels will be manufactured per customer specs so please contact our seles team for assistance and pricing regarding the end panels.

Quantity Available:70


td3608C - Used Trader's Desks

These trader's desks have a 66" x 27" x 25" surface with a P/B/F pedestal.  The paint is black and the wood is Maple.  The desks were originally configured with (44) in pods and (6) in runs or singles.  Please note that the monitor arms are available seperately.  

Quantity Available:42

td2816 - Knoll Benching Stations

These Knoll benching stations measure 5' x 28 1/2".  Each office includes a mobile B/F pedestal for storage.  The laminate on the product is white and the screens are a patterned tan fabric.  There are (5) end  pod screens available and (4) end of run screens available due to the original configuration of the stations and the use of walls rather than screens to end runs.  The last photograph illustrates this situation.  The original configurations were (1) Pod of 12, (1) Pod of 10 and (1) Run of 5.

Quantity Available:24


td3745 - Used Trading Desks

These Traders desks measure 5' x 31", they include a worksurface and pedestal for storage.  Please note that we have two diffent handle styles available on the pedestals.  We also have matching end of run storage cabinets that can be included with your purchase.  We currently have (3) black cabinets and (2) wood cabinets.  These desks were originally configured in (2) pods of 6, , and (1) pod of 14.

Quantity Available:16

td3623 - Innovant Benching Desks

These Innovant benching stations measure 78" x 34" x 42"H.  They have a glass divider and a B/B/F pedestal for storage.  Please note that the monitor arms are available for an additional cost.

Quantity Available:11


td3927 - Traders Desks

These traders desks have mahogany end panels with a grey speckle laminate and a black bullnose edge.  The worksurface measures 34" x 60" and each workspace comes with a B/B/F pedestal.  Please note that the monitor arms shown are not included with the desks but can be purchased seperately.  These cubicles were originally configured in a pod of 10 with two managers cubicles on the ends.

Quantity Available:4