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W6062 - Knoll Reff Workstations

These Knoll Reff workstations measure 9' x 9' but could very easily be reconfigured into 6' x 6' workstations.  There are (117) workstations that are 67" tall with glass.  The additional (72) cubes were configured along the window bank and are 67" tall winging down to 44".  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 60" x 24" worksurface
  • 48" x 24" corner worksurface
  • 84" x 24" worksurface
  • 24" x 24" worksurface
  • 36" x 24" worksurface
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • (2) 36" two drawer lateral files
  • 72" overhead storage bin
  • 36" shelf

These cubicles were originally configured in (7) runs of two, (1) run of three, (17) pods of four, and (18) pods of six.


Quantity Available:193




W6034 - Steelcase Montage Cubicles

These Steelcase Montage cubicles measure 5 1/2" x 5 1/2", the panels are enhanced and measure 42" tall.  These workstations have a four week lead time as they will be powered with new Byrne Electric.  Each workstation is comprised of:

  • 24' x 42" corner worksurface
  • (2) 24" x 24" wing worksurfaces
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • F/F pedestal
  • rail tile

The frames on the panels are black and the top caps and trim are a custom stain.  The tiles are Steelcase finish code Y145, Sumo Lemongrass.  The worksurfaces are Steelcase finish code 2870, Blonde Bronze Patina with a custom stain edge.  The pedestals also have the custom stain on the front. 

Quantity Available:161




W6059 - Steelcase Workstations

These Steelcase Avenir workstations measure 8' x 8', the panels are 65" tall and powered on the spine with 8 wire power.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 30" x 42" x 42" x 24" corner worksurface
  • 24" x 54" worksurface
  • 30" x 30" worksurface
  • 30" B/B/F pedestal with a waterfall pull
  • 30" 800 series two drawer lateral file with an 18" x 30" file top
  • (2) 48" overhead storage bins

These cubicles were originally configured in (10) pods of six and (10) pods of four.  The Laminate is Steelcase finish code 2782, Fog.  The paint is finish code 4682, Grey Value 1.  Lastly, the fabric is Steelcase finish code F002, Firenze Reverse Staghorn.

Quantity Available:95




W6036 - Herman Miller Canvas Telemarketing Stations

These Herman Miller used telemarketing stations measure 72" x 24" and are powered on the spline.  Each cube contains:

  • 63" x 23" worksurface
  • 9" closet
  • B/B/F pedestal

These telemarketing stations were originally configured in (5) runs of three, (3) runs of four, (2) pods of six, (2) pods of seven, (5) pods of eight and (1) pod of five.

Quantity Available:90

Manufacturer:Herman Miller



W6053 - Steelcase Answer Workstations

These Steelcase Answer workstations are 6' x 4'. The panels are 48" tall and powered down the spline with 3 + D power.  Each workstation consists of:

  • 24" x 48" x 72" x 24" extended corner worksurface
  • mobile pedestal with cushion top
  • tool rail with paper flow management

These workstations were originally configured in (1) pod of ten, (4) pods of eight, (6) pods of six, (1) pod of four and a run of six.  The paint is Steelcase finish code 4799, Platinum Metallic.

Quantity Available:88




W6022 - Knoll Workstations

These Knoll Workstations have Morrison panels and Reff components.  The panels measure 56" tall and are powered on the spline with MR-3 power.  The cubes measure 7' x 7', each workstation consists of:

  • 30" x 42" corner worksurface
  • (2) 30" x 42" wing worksurfaces
  • 30" B/B/F pedestal
  • 30" F/F pedestal

The fabric is Knoll Finish code W8084, the paint and laminate are both Off-White.  The trim is Light Metallic Grey.

Quantity Available:74



W6057 - Knoll Cubicles

These Knoll workstations have Morrison panels with Reff components.  The cubicle measures 6' x 6', the panels are 56" tall and powered on the spine with MR-3 power.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 30" x 24' corner worksurface
  • (2) 30" x 30" wing worksurfaces
  • locking B/B/F pedestal
  • non-locking F/F pedestal

The fabric on the panels is Knoll W8084, the paint and laminate are off-white and the trim is light metallic grey.

Quantity Available:68



W3988 - Herman Miller Workstations

These Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles measure 8' x 6', the panels are 46" tall and powered with beltline power.  Each workstation consists of:

  • (1) 24" x 36" corner worksurfaces
  • (2) 24" x 36" worksurfaces
  • 24" x 72" worksurface
  • (1) BBF ped
  • 30" two drawer lateral file

The top caps and finished ends are Cherry, the laminate is Wilsonart Wallaby.  There are two different grey tones of fabric, the wing panels are dark grey and the spline is a light grey tackable tile.  Please note that there are no aisle panels. 

Quantity Available:58

Manufacturer:Herman Miller



W6048 - Herman Miller Vivo Cubicles

These Herman Miller Vivo workstations measure 6' x 4', the panels are 42" tall.  The panels are powered along the spline.  Each office consists of:

  • 72" x 23" worksurface
  • 24" x 24" return worksurface
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • 48" shelf under the return

The fabric is beige and the pedestal is painted red.  We currently have (11) pods of four and (3) runs of two.

Quantity Available:50

Manufacturer:Herman Miller



W6055 - Steelcase Post and Beam Workstations

These Steelcase workstations measure 6' x 5 1/2', the panels are powered.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 30" x 72" worksurface
  • 54" credenza with a pillow top
  • 54" overhead storage bin
  • 11 1/2" x 40" cork tackboard with a seam in the middle of the board

Please note that this product was originally configured in (8) pods of six.  Within each pod there were two stations that were set up in front of the windows so those two cubicles have lower panels than the remaining four workstations.  The paint is Arctic White and Gold Dust.  The cork is Capri Mediterra Cable, Steelcase finish code MT2302, with flame stop applied.  The legs are Platinum Metallic, Steelcase finish code 4799.  The finish on the worksurfaces is Custom Stain with a 3mm Bamboo veneer edge, finish code 3NAE.

Quantity Available:48


Series:Post and Beam

W6058 - Knoll Reff Workstations

These Knoll Reff Workstations measure 7 1/2' x 8', the panels are 64" tall and powered on the spine.  Please note that these cubes were originally configured along a bank of windows so the two cubicles in that have no panels on one side.  This is shown in the sixth photograph.  Each workstations is comprised of:

  • 42" x 36" x 30" extended corner worksurface
  • 48" x 20" worksurface
  • 36" x 32" x 30" worksurface
  • 60" x 20" worksurface (the 18 cubicles along the window have a 78" x 20" worksurface instead)
  • B/B/F pedestal
  • 30" two drawer lateral file
  • 42" overhead storage bin
  • 48" overhead storage bin

These cubes were originally configured  in (2) runs of three with (2) stations being along the windows and (8) pods of six with (16) cubes being along the windows.


Quantity Available:45




W6035 - Steelcase 6' x 6' Cubicles

These Steelcase Avenir workstations measure 6' x 6', the panels are 53" tall and powered on the spline.  Each cubicle consists of:

  • 24' x 42" corner worksurface with adjustable keyboard
  • (2) 24" x 30" wing worksurfaces
  • 24" B/B/F pedestal
  • 24" F/F pedestal

Please note that these workstations do not have a shelf included with them but one could be added.  These cubes are only available configured in bullpen style, in pods of eight.  The fabric on the panels is Steelcase finish code 4686, That Straw Stuff in Stone.  The paint and laminate is Warm Brown 1. 

Quantity Available:44