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Eco-Reconditioned™ Furniture

We take as-is furniture, inventory it, and work with you to fit a specific need. We professionally clean every surface, touchup where we can, add storage rails and make sure you have a working key and lock.

Current Eco-Reconditioned inventories

Eco-Remanufactured™ Furniture

In many cases, Eco-Remanufactured solutions are better than new. We strip and clean the original product and remanufacture it to the original specs using sustainable fabrics and finishes from many of the original suppliers.

Our Eco-Remanufactured inventories come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Eco-Blended™ Furniture

The name says it all. When you need to change finishes, cut down a worksurface, reconfigure or add aftermarket or Eco-remanufactured items, we are blending multiple options and we call this an Eco-blended solution.

Our Eco-Blended inventories come with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

"Your refinishing team really knows how to make used office furniture look great. Each piece that I purchased had been given special attention. The entire office looks great. I would be happy to recommend your company to any future furniture shoppers."

Stephen Berninger, President
Berninger & Associates

Office Furniture Recycling & Reconditioning

Brands We Are Proud to Carry

Conklin is one of the nation's pioneers in office furniture recycling and reconditioning. Over 60 years ago, we started off as an office supply company and since 1981, we've made it our mission to offer facility managers and business owners a way to upsize, downsize, off-load or load-up when it comes to contract furniture.

The art of reusing existing contract furniture to provide solutions for new users is complex.  The concept was built on the premise of reusing strong, high-end products that were designed with durability and years of reconfiguration in mind.  While the need for durable products remains strong, economic shifts have driven manufacturers of new furniture to value-engineer existing products and create new designs that are more cost effective  - In many cases limiting the owner's ability to reconfigure and reuse.

Over time, products that were built for reconfiguration and reuse often "ugly out" before they wear out.  Conklin Office Furniture began to find ways to clean up, repaint and refinish these inventories.  The base materials and structure often have additional decades of use when given the time, energy and know-how that our team has accumulated since we began our commitment in 1981.




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