Pre-owned, reconditioned, and remanufactured furniture options are a great choice for your business and the environment. Conklin Office Furniture offers sustainable furniture solutions for every environmental goal, design need and budget. We supply high-quality used office furniture that looks, performs, and lasts just like new, but costs far less. You can expect to save up to 80% off the list price when you purchase our pre-owned and refurbished contract lines. We have everything you need to furnish your workplace — cubicles, filing cabinets, task chairs, desks, tables, and more.

Conklin is one of the nation's pioneers in office furniture recycling and refurbishing. When we opened our doors as an office supply company in 1981, we have made it our mission to make meaningful decisions that will impact tomorrow. Conklin will save you time and money without sacrificing quality to our value-minded and environmentally conscious customers.

With a continued focus on integrating product and practices that leave a positive impact on the environment, Conklin is a leader in sustainable furniture solutions. We are constantly considering ways to make our operations and our products more sustainable.

"What Goes Around Comes Around" is Conklin's motto. Facility managers, business owners, and decision-makers have the unique opportunity to lead in the movement toward greater sustainability. With support from Conklin, you have a strong case for urging your firm to be socially responsible through the use of recycled office furniture. Our customers are given the chance to conserve natural resources, minimize waste, and maximize their investment in office furniture.

Our client list is as long as it is diverse. Conklin works with major corporations and institutions, as well as smaller firms in all sectors including: financial services, manufacturing, communications, pharmaceuticals, design, education, law, accounting, insurance and medical facilities. At Conklin your project size does not matter. The wide range of clients we serve are seeking anything from the right home office set-up, to complete furniture solutions for a multi-floor Fortune 500 company. Our clients are unified in their dedication to finding sustainable options for their contract furniture needs.

In addition to supplying office furniture with varying levels of recycled content throughout the United States, Conklin Office Furniture also pays the highest prices on the purchase of surplus or trade-in office furniture. Call us at 1 (800) 817-1187 with your office furniture liquidation questions or for more information.

We have everything you need to furnish your business!