Why should I buy used office furniture?

By purchasing used office furniture the consumer is able to buy the same quality furniture offered from new dealers at up to 90% savings off of list price. So a very simple answer to the question, savings! However, there are many other benefits that also come along with choosing to purchase used office furniture such as minimizing the amount of materials we send to landfills and maximizing your purchasing power.

With so many used office furniture companies, why should we choose Conklin?

Conklin is one of the pioneers in the used office furniture market. Since 1981 we have focused solely on providing business and industry with contract-quality used office furniture. Conklin has a 15 million dollar inventory of quality lines such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, and Knoll ready to install. We cut time and costs, but never quality to bring savings to our value-minded and environmentally conscious customers. At Conklin, we are dedicated to great customer service and vow to bring our customers the best quality for their money.

What is remanufactured office furniture?

Remanufactured office furniture is used office furniture that has been brought back to "like new" standards and specifications.  At Conklin, we first inspect the product for damage and then repair an missing parts and pieces apply new paint, fabric, or laminate whatever is necessary and complete a final check to be sure everything is functioning properly. 

What services does Conklin Office Furniture provide?

Conklin is able to provide a wide range of services that relate to the used office furniture market. We offer in-house furniture remanufacturing with individual departments to complete laminating, panel and chair re-upholstery, wood refinishing, and painting. We also have a full office furniture design and space-planning department for traditional or green projects. We have our own fleet of trucks and crews that are able to handle any of our furniture installations. Conklin's is also a surplus liquidator always ready to provide a buy back solution. Lastly, we are a furniture finder, if we can't meet your needs with our current inventory our project managers will look nationally for office furniture that would fulfill your project requirements.

We want to sell our office furniture, is Conklin interested in purchasing my used office furniture?

Yes. At Conklin we are interested in buying used office furniture from companies that are moving, downsizing, or divesting.  We only purchase used office furniture by the trailer truck load.  If you have furniture for us to look at and want to receive a quote give us a call at 1 (800) 817-1187.  To review our complete liquidation services view our liquidation page.

What condition can I expect from as-is/like-new office furniture?

Conklin Office Furniture has access to the highest quality office furniture in the area such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth and Knoll. Before purchasing a project our project managers take a great deal of time to assess the quality of the office furniture. We take pride in representing the furniture condition truthfully so that there are no surprises when your furniture is delivered. Conklin's always guarantees customer satisfaction and we stand behind the quality of our furniture 100%.

How long will it take to receive my furniture?

Unlike purchasing new office furniture where lead times can be between 10-16 weeks, used office furniture offers a much quicker turn-around time. When purchasing as-is furniture delivery takes anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the size and condition of the furniture. Refurbished office furniture takes a slightly longer time; but, can still be delivered in half the time of new furniture. Conklin's always keeps their clients fully informed of the project status and we work hard to get your furniture delivered quickly and installed at the best possible price. No job is too small or large, and we do not consider the job done until you are fully satisfied!

Is Conklin Office Furniture a certified dealer for any name brand office furniture companies?

Conklin offers the majority of its products as used office furniture that is either in as-is or refurbished condition.  By offering used, Conklin does not need to be certified to sell any of the name brand products.  We purchase used office furniture from any of the leading manufactures that create a quality product that warrants recycling.  Although we carry many different brands, the most common lines we offer are  from Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, and Knoll Morrison.  These companies original workmanship offers a durable product that can stand up to the test of time. After some slight touch-ups or a more extensive refurbishing make over these products look like new office furniture; but, cost 90% less than their original list price. 

Can we view used office furniture in your New York City (NYC) office?

Our office in New York City is open Monday through Friday by appointment only.  The office does not have items on display; however, if you are interested in purchasing a large quantity of used cubicles, desks, or office seating we can send a sample from our Massachusetts warehouse for inspection.  If a customer in New York has already purchased the product you are interested in, we may be able to set it up so that you can view their used office furniture.

Can we view used office furniture in your New Jersey (NJ) office?

Our New Jersey office is open Monday through Friday by appointment.  There is a small amount of used office furniture on display.  If you were interested in purchasing a large quantity of used cubicles, office seating, or desks that were not available for viewing we could send a sample from our Massachusetts warehouse.  Also, if a customer in NJ had already purchased the product we may be able to set it up so that you can view their used office furniture.

Why isn't pricing available on this website?

Pricing used office furniture is a tricky job.  We always try to provide you, our customer, with the best savings possible.  As a result, we provide discounted pricing for customers shopping for large quantities of used office furniture.  Give us a call or take a quick minute to fill out our contact form and we will contact you with a price quote very quickly.

I have a used desk to sell, is Conklin Office Furniture interested in buying my desk?

At Conklin Office Furniture, we do purchase your used office furniture; however, we only buy product by the tractor trailer load.  If we purchased every desk and office chair we were offered our costs for viewing and transporting the product would be too great.  If you have a small amount of used office furniture that you are looking to get rid of we recommend you look for a non-profit organization in your area that you could donate the furniture to.  This would be a great tax write off as well as helping out an organization of your choice.

What is systems office furniture?

Systems office furniture is the same thing as office cubicles. Systems furniture is compiled of panels, worksurfaces, pedestals, overhead bins, and task lighting along with other parts and pieces to create individual work-spaces within a larger space. Office cubicles and systems furniture is used interchangeably with workstations, modular office furniture, office partitions and contract furniture.

Does Conklin provide services to move and reinstall our existing office furniture?

Conklin can assist you with your current office furniture.  We usually help companies that are interesting in purchasing some furniture and blending that with their existing product.  Our design team can work with the layout so that you are able to maximize your space without having to purchase all new product.  We usually do not help companies that are only interested in moving product but we can suggest moving and installation companies if you are interested.  Give us a call at 1 (800) 817-1187 and explain your project to us and we can help you get the job completed!

What products does Conklin Office Furniture sell?

Conklin offers just about any piece of furniture that one would need to populate an entire office building from telemarketing stations to top executive offices. We always have a wide selection of affordable cubicles, executive office furniture including wood suites, conference room furniture, reception furniture, filing cabinets, office chairs, bookshelves, cafe furniture, office desks, credenzas and other storage items, and all the accessories, for example keyboard holders, that one might want for their office space.

What is as-is office furniture?

As-is office furniture is used office furniture that we have liquidated and are offering for resale after cleaning the product.  We do fix any broken parts but we do not replace fabric, repaint, or replace laminate.  As-is product allows us to offer our clients huge savings off of list prices with a very quick turn-around time.

After purchasing used office furniture from Conklin what are our shipping options?

Conklin provides delivery and installation of office furniture Monday-Friday for $75.00 an hour.  We are able to set up special deliveries for Saturday for an additional fee.  We use our own fleet of delivery vehicles for most sales within Massachusetts (MA), Connecticut (CT), New York City (NYC), New Jersey (NJ), and surrounding areas.  For longer shipments we utilize Fed Ex, UPS, or a common carrier.  If enough product has been purchased to fill a trailer we can set that up as well.  Some customers also choose to organize their own pick-up.

Does Conklin Office Furniture provide installation services for used office furniture?

Conklin does provide installation services of used office furniture purchased from us at very reasonable rates.  We employ an installation team as well as hire some jobs out to local installers that we deal with on a regular basis.  Our installation projects range from one small office to 300 used cubicles.  Please let us know if you would like your office furniture installed 1 (800) 817-1187.