My name is Kathleen Mitchell and I am writing about the exceptional service I received from sales representative Randy Demarest during a recent visit to your Holyoke showroom.

I wanted a new office chair but ergonomic-related injuries from a 30-year career in journalism made it difficult to find the right fit. My efforts to find one had been unsuccessful, despite visits to many retail stores, including two that specialize in office furniture.

When I arrived at Conklin, I was initially reluctant to have Randy help me, but he listened closely to my needs, then quickly identified a number of chairs that were (surprisingly!) a good fit. When I found one I thought I wanted but expressed some reservations, he told me I could try it out for a week. I decided to buy it and when I said I would wait to take it home until I could get help to carry it up a steep sidewalk, Randy offered to deliver it at no charge.

He did so the next business day, and told me if I didn't like the chair, he would be happy to return and pick it up.

I don't usually write letters, but wanted to commend you for having such a great employee. I found Randy to be highly personable, knowledgeable, and professional - he listened to me, paid close attention to my needs, then provided service that went above and beyond anything I have ever experienced which I find even more commendable since I went to your store with a limited budget. 

As a result, I told several people about my great experience and will continue to recommend Conklin to others.

Kathleen Mitchell

We picked up all of our beautiful furniture today.  The staff were like kids at Christmas time watching all the new coming into the building.  Your generosity and support is amazing and as a not-for-profit on a very limited budget it is so very much appreciated.  We will be back in touch soon to purchase more furniture once the new budget year begins.  Looking forward to working together again.

Rosemary, River Valley Counseling Center, Inc.

Thank you very much for your generous donation of 30 chairs to The Children's Study Home.  With ever changing need and challenging times, we remain dedicated to caring for and improving the lives of those we serve.  Your generosity will support our work with children and families in our community.

Eliza Crescentini, Executive Director of the Children's Study Home

Your refinishing team really knows how to make used office furniture look great. Each piece that I purchased had been given special attention. The entire office looks great. I would be happy to recommend your company to any future furniture shoppers.

Stephen Berninger, President, Berninger & Associates

Hi Michelle and Tyler -- The files arrived this afternoon around 1pm just like you said. They really look nice and everyone is impressed with the service. The guys are so nice and doing a good job with the installation. We are still going through a nightmare with another company trying to have existing HON files re-keyed alike. You wouldn't believe, but it is still not correct and they have been trying to do it for a month or more. The company and the technicians don't know what they are doing. So everyone is impressed with your installers. Thank you again so much for your help.


The boys were just here and delivered the most beautiful cabinets!! Nice guys, friendly and quick! Thank you Jim for being patient with me and sending me the best cabinets! I hope to do business with you again.

Misty Viera, JMax Small Business Solutions

Your company is terrific and I was so pleased with both your product and your service.

Valerie, Director, The Media Muse

Celena, as you can see on the attached pic, the furniture turned out great. Your friend Karyn is the first face you see closest to the camera. Wanted to thank you for all the work and effort you put into making this a first class experience. Karyn found your company on the net and as you well know it could have gone one way or the other. Can’t begin to tell you how fortunate we were to find you and Conklin Office. Thanks again for everything.

Jerry Asher, IAC Huron Plant